Team Fraenck : Mohammad

Get to know Mo
26 April 2019

Fraenck would not be frank if didn’t show exactly how we work and who we work with. During Fashion Revolution Week, two hashtags were created to create awarness within the fashion industry: #WhoMadeMyClothes and #IMadeYourClothes. With the hashtag #IMadeYourClothes, we would like to introduce to you one of our employees and give you a glimpse into the studio of Fraenck. Fraenck fully supports and cherishes the existence of Fashion Revolution Week and contributes what we can to change and provide more insight and transparency.


Mohammad is 26 years young and was born and raised in Syria. Over three years ago he came to The Netherlands and ended up living in Arnhem. He started at Fraenck with a ‘learning internship’, but now has a six months contract in tow and is quite proud of it.

“Before I came to The Netherlands, I lived and worked in Syria. At Fraenck I am primarily engaged in making bags, but in Syria, I was sewing clothes. I made clothes for men, women and children. He was only 16 years old when he began his career! “I was still a child when I took the leap and began to start making clothes. Because of the early start, I have a lot of experience.” After finding a place of his own in the Netherlands, he was offered an internship at Fraenck through Activating Work in Arnhem. An opportunity he seized with both hands. “In Syria, I only made clothes and at Fraenck, I make bags and learn the Dutch language. I find that amazing indeed, as it is something new and so different from where I began my career. In the time I have been at Fraenck, I have learned so much. I have the ability to create an entire bag myself, from start to finish.”

He feels right at home when he’s at Fraenck. First of all because I work with nice people and secondly because I really like the bags. The materials are very durable and the design is very clean. I now have a have a half-year contract, of which three-months have already been completed but I hope I can stay longer because I would like to make more bags.”


Mohammad is one of the many amazing people in our team. Of course, he’s not the only one working on our sustainable bags. It is our mission to work in a transparent matter. Introducing our team members (who are willing to be interviewed) one by one is a big part of that. In the meantime, you can find a first introduction on our team page.


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