The Independent Handbag Designer Awards

Fraenck in New York!
30 May 2019

Every year for a full week, New York dedicates its focus on Fashion, Fashion and oh did we mention Fashion? We’re talking about the world renowned “New York Fashion Week.” Designers from all over the world travel to the largest and most famous city in the United States to show off their talent and new collections. One of the leading Fashion events held in New York, is the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. This competition takes place for the thirteenth time in a row. This year Fraenck has been nominated in the category Pinatex Best Green Handbag!

Every year over 1500 famous and upcoming designers have entered in order to win the coveted best title of “Best Handbag.” This year there were even over 2000 entries, and out of all these applicants, only a few have been selected to have a chance at becoming the next “It Bag” designer.

The Independent Handbag DESIGNER Awards

Because designers Pascal and Ratna like to challenge themselves, they decided to enter Fraenck in this competition. Normally their inspiration comes from quirky subjects such as tribal tattoos and mermaid tears, but this time they wanted to bring something fresh to the table. The bag nominated for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, was inspired by a trendier subject, something different but also appealing to a larger audience. The starting idea of the handbag was inspired by the “old,” “luxury” houses or offices, specifically marble, or more precise: the look of marble. To be able to create this effect, they experimented with colours, shapes and different surfaces, which led them to the showpiece which has been submitted and nominated.


Fraenck strives to create a true sustainable collection. The marble collection, of which one of them can be admired at the Independent Handbag Awards, is one of Fraenck’s most sustainable examples. The base of the bag is constructed using upcycled artificial leather and the paint, used to create the marble effect, comes from a residual batch.

CheCK THE liveblogs

Designers Pascal and Ratna will join four other finalists on June 12th in New York. Will this be a victory of their design aesthetics?.You can follow the adventures of Fraenck in New York. The designers will be in the Big Apple from the 10th of June until the 16th. Keep an eye on the live updates on this blog! In the meantime, do you want to see the video pitch that Fraenck has entered in the competition?


Check it here