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Fraenck x Buitenmens - Fraenck

22 Apr, 2022

Fraenck x Buitenmens

What a cool project. At Fraenck, we are very proud of our latest collab with two great names in the outdoor (sports) world: Bever and Blue Loop! From today on, these Buitenmens collector's items, made of old tents, are available in Bever branches.

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Fraenck Friday - Fraenck

18 Nov, 2021

Fraenck Friday

Black Friday is here again. A day and weekend that is all about great deals and offers that secretly are not (due to price increases in advance).

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Social Enterprise - Fraenck

19 Mar, 2021

Social Enterprise

As you may know or have guessed, Fraenck is a social enterprise. What does that really mean? We can tell you right now: a lot!

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Team Fraenck: Mohammad - Fraenck

19 Jan, 2021

Team Fraenck: Mohammad

Fraenck wouldn't be Fraenck if we didn't show exactly how we work and who makes our products. During Fashion Revolution Week, two hashtags have been created to do just that: #WhoMadeMyClothes and #IMadeYourClothes. With the hashtag #IMadeYourClothes we introduce one of our employees and give you a peek into the proverbial kitchen of Fraenck.

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Tweedehandskleding - Fraenck

01 Jul, 2020

Second-hand clothes

We all hear the stories about how much clothing we throw away, but it is really eye-opening to see it in real life! Last Monday I visited the 2Switch sorting centre and was amazed. We came to the centre through our participation in the project Duurzame Mode 025 (More on that later :).


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Diversiteit op de werkvloer - Fraenck

09 Jun, 2020

Diversity in the workplace

Before we started this article, we thought we would only write about the lack of multicultural diversity in the workplace in the Netherlands. But diversity can be found in many areas. Unfortunately, there is still too much discrimination on all possible levels and 'apparent' opposites: young/old, male/female, hetero/LGBTQI+, autochthonous/immigrant. So this is not a straightforward subject.

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