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Fraenck is the real deal: We zijn écht duurzaam en sociaal. - Fraenck

Fraenck is the real deal: We are truly sustainable and social.


Today we reached a new milestone. We couldn't be more proud! Want to know what's going on? Then scroll down to the next heading. :)

Nowadays, every company has something to do with sustainability or considers a social issue very important. For (too) many companies it is a PR-statement, or greenwashing, a way to pretend to be 'greener' than you actually are. For consumers this is of course very annoying, but also for our kind of 'social enterprises', because it is difficult to distinguish a brand or company with a good slogan or mission from a company that really puts its shoulder to the wheel.

Because we have been making our collection from residual materials since the beginning (and even before) and really put our social mission of helping people further into practice, we thought last year: time to see if we can get real recognition for everything we do through external audits.

At the end of 2021, we were the first Arnhem-based company to be admitted to the Register of Social Enterprises Code. We have put a lot of effort into this: a revised Theory of Change, all official documents drafted and signed in which we have laid down a number of important matters. We even amended our Articles of Association to ensure that our values were truly laid down and that changes to them were not simply possible. Thanks to all these efforts, we have succeeded in being included in the register and it is clear that we operate 'Impact First'. This register is a wonderful way to show our Dutch clients what we stand for and what we do, but we thought: what about our international ambitions? We can now chase those to the full, because:

Fraenck is now officially a B-Corp!

''The Netherlands now has 207 B Corp companies, including Dopper, Tony's Chocolonely, Triodos Bank, WeTransfer, Yoni, Moyee Coffee, Mud Jeans and Snappcar. Worldwide there are some 4,200 B Corp-certified companies, such as Ben & Jerry's, Patagonia and Innocent".

After today the Dutch number is at 208, because Fraenck is now also on this list. At this moment we are the only company in Arnhem with a B Corp certificate! It is a great honour to be among these wonderful companies. It was not made easy for us (and rightly so), but fortunately we have had a lot of help from our super trainee Esther, who has dragged us through the process. Marieke Hart also helped us a great deal in a number of sessions.

What exactly is a B-corp?

B Corporation is a quality mark that has been issued since 2006 by the American non-profit organisation B Lab, which evaluates not the product, but the entire business operation. The "B" does not stand for "Beyoncé", but for "Benefit", or "something done for a good cause". Since 2015, European companies have also been able to obtain certification. In order to qualify for a B Corp certificate, an organisation must show that, in addition to profit, it takes people, the environment and society as its starting point. B Corp companies promise to promote these points in their articles of association. Companies are assessed on five key points: sustainability, labour rights, transparency, customers and the (local) community.

Companies can score a maximum of 200 points on various criteria, from social diversity and inclusiveness to environmental impact. A score of at least 80 points and the amendment of the articles of association will result in the certificate being awarded.

Fraenck achieved a score of 97.2 points! And that is only the beginning of the journey, from here we can continuously look at where we can adjust and improve in order to increase our positive impact. Time for a party!

Our thanks go to our super interns Charlotte Hullmann, Hulda Abudo and Esther van Mourik, students at Van Hall Larenstein. They have dragged us through the application process. And how proud we are of our own
Team Fraenck , who make the most of it every day.

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