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Fashion Revolution Week - Fraenck

Fashion Revolution Week


Tracy Chapman sang about it in 'Talkin' about a revolution'. Perhaps not exactly the revolution we mean, but the message is clear. Various industries have to change drastically. So does the fashion industry.

This week is Fashion Revolution Week. The name might say it all, it is a week in which extra attention is paid to the way our clothes are made. Or rather, the way we don't want our clothes to be made: by people working in unsafe, dirty conditions and being poorly paid.

‘Why do we need a fashion revolution?’

Child labour and the collapse of The Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013 in which more than 1138 people lost their lives are two poignant examples that show why we desperately need a fashion revolution. Quite simply, something must be done about the way in which adults and children in developing countries are exploited.

A five-euro T-shirt is a good deal. But since we don't pay the price, generally someone else on the other side of the world does.

Radical change
In 2013, after the Rana Plaza disaster, the club Fashion Revolution was founded. This group consists of designers, writers, brands, marketers, fashion lovers, academics, business leaders and retailers. They strive to unite people and organisations to work together for radical change. Change in the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed.

Fashion Revolution Week

This week the Fashion Revolution Week takes place worldwide. It is the time to provide openness about who actually made our clothes and other fashion items and what we are doing to make the fashion industry more sustainable, so that together we can combat unsafe working conditions and exploitation in this sector, among other things.

The Fashion Revolution Week is therefore close to our hearts. After all, we stand for making the fashion industry more sustainable. We simply work with sustainable materials that are upcycled.

We also believe in an inclusive world. That is why our bags are made by people with a distance to the labour market. At Fraenck they can discover their talents and develop themselves.


At Fraenck, we do not only focus on improving the fashion industry during Fashion Revolution Week. We do this all year round. Every single day. Week in, week out.

We are constantly working on a sustainable collection that makes everyone, and I mean everyone, happier. You, us, nature and the people who help us make our bags the pearls they are.

With the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and #imadeyourbag we show the outside world who made your bag. Curious? We like to introduce them to you, for example on our social media channels.