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Fraenck designs facemasks


At Fraenck, we are social animals. We like to be with and among each other and we would like to give everyone a great workplace in our highly sustainable company. We are currently living in bizarre times. Almost surreal. At Fraenck, we are also feeling the effects of the COVID-19 virus. We take our responsibility by keeping an appropriate distance - although normally we would rather not. However, that is not all. We like to make a virtue of necessity.

Face masks, or mouth masks

Together, we have joined forces and worked hard on a product that is currently more in demand than ever before: Mouth and nose masks. Our creative minds are working overtime. Sitting still or doing nothing is not an option for us.

Where we normally work hard on our beautiful sustainable bag collection, we have now focused on unique mouth caps. The facemasks are designed to be reusable and can also be worn by people with a vital job. We wouldn't be Fraenck if the caps didn't have a stylish look. Various colours, patterns and figures are used. From cheerful flower and animal prints to facemasks in quiet colours.

Of course, we have researched carefully what makes a mouthguard a good one. We have also noticed that there is a lot of discussion about whether or not it is necessary to wear one. We have noticed that in the Netherlands it is slowly sinking in that it is indeed useful, looking at results and regulations in neighbouring countries and beyond (Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan).
Vital professions
Whereas 'social distancing' is not normally in our dictionary, it is now. Of course, this time the meaning is different. We take our physical distance, but we take people with a distance to the labour market into our arms. In that respect, we are still very social. After all, they are the ones who are currently very busy working, mainly from home, to make a contribution to today's world. This, however, from a safe distance. We are extremely grateful to the fact that we have been able to create a product that also benefits people with vital occupations. For everyone who has such a vital profession, we have a special price: €9.50 per mouth mask, due to great interest we have had to adjust this offer to keep up with demand. We now offer a discount of 30%. Minimum purchase is two: this covers the shipping costs, but more importantly: the masks need to be changed more often when they are used intensively! Send us an e-mail if you are interested in this offer.

Because a mouth mask is not just any product, we have also written a clear manual to make sure you use it properly!

In addition to our extensive collection of bags made from sustainable materials, we now also have mouth guards. These are available in two sizes: small and medium and as described in various patterns and colours. It is also possible to order the caps in larger quantities. Read more about the mouth caps and see all varieties in our online shop.