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Ontstaan van Fraenck - Fraenck

Origin of Fraenck


We all have dreams. Big and small. One dreams of travelling the world and the other of becoming a pop artist. Pascal and Ratna know a thing or two about dreams: they dream of breaking into the international fashion world with their bag label Fraenck. But before that happens, we look back at the history of Fraenck and give a glimpse into the lives of the two founders.

A day without creation is a day not lived. That was Ratna's motto at home. Since her younger years, design and fashion were in her blood. So it was no surprise that she wanted to become a fashion designer and started an education in Fashion Design. Ratna wanted to become a fashion designer more than anything, but Pascal was looking forward to a career as a concert pianist. Eventually he did not become a concert pianist, because his love for designing and fashion also crept into his life. After a short adventure at TU Delft, he went full steam ahead to study Product Design at ArtEZ.


Until twelve years ago, the two had never heard of each other, until they met at the art academy in Arnhem: ArtEZ. The 'spark' between the two caught on and after a few years they decided to merge their own brands - RATNA HO (ladies) and Studio Mulder (men) - into a single umbrella label called 'Fraenck'. Designing clothes was pushed aside and producing bags became their new challenge. When asked if it was a dream to start a bag collection, a surprising answer comes: no. The bag label was mainly seen as an addition to the clothing collection, but now it is the main focus of the two.

Origin of the name Fraenck

The name Fraenck was not born overnight. After a long search, the designers arrived at the name Franque, a derivation of Frank - from 'to be Frank'. Finally, Fraenck was born.

The designers' ambition is to conquer the world with good design and to seduce the customer with a thoroughly conscious product. Every part of the bag has been well thought out: the material, the good work and also the impact are central. Several passionate employees work every day with love on the sustainable bags of Fraenck. Our employees regularly introduce themselves to you. Read the story of Mohammad here.


Breaking through internationally

Fraenck's first bags saw the light of day in 2018 and many more will follow. The founders have a big dream: to break through internationally and generate impact on a larger scale. They want to do this by getting even more people with a distance to the labour market into paid work and upcycling more materials.

The hard work of Pascal and Ratna has not been in vain: they have been nominated for The Independent Handbag Awards in New York!