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Red Friday - Fraenck

Red Friday


In the Netherlands, we can no longer avoid it: Black Friday. This fairly new 'holiday' - which blew in from America - is also considered the start of the Christmas shopping season. By now, we in the Netherlands have been 'converted' and shopkeepers are spreading discounts massively. Fraenck has decided to do things differently. We like it. During Black Friday we donate 20% of the turnover of sold products* to a good cause: the Salvation Army. We will do this from 27 November to 2 December 2019.


Fraenck likes to do something good for animals, nature and society. Because we like to do something for others, we could have offered discounts on our sustainable bag collection on this day. Yet we decided to do it differently. In order to help the less fortunate in society, Fraenck has decided not to give a discount, but to donate 20 percent of the turnover of sold products to the Salvation Army.

Black Friday

Black Friday is all about excessive consumption, especially of luxury products. Fraenck wants to raise a voice of dissent, asking for attention and giving it to those who need it most. We want everyone in our world to be able to participate. We want everyone to be able to eat, to have the chance of a job - which is why we employ people who can have a distant from the labour market - and to be able to wear clothes. The Salvation Army helps with this.

See below for some figures from their 2018 annual report. Super nice!

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides help in the form of day and night shelters, helps people to live independently, collects clothing and provides food. They also offer international aid. Fraenck fully agrees with the way of working of the Salvation Army and therefore supports them with a lot of love. We hereby rename this event to Red Friday.

By buying a beautiful item for yourself - that is handmade and sustainable - you are not only doing something for yourself but also for someone else. You have a beautiful item for on your back or around your shoulder and others who can use a little extra, we give just a little extra. Are you one?

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