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Social Enterprise - Fraenck

Social Enterprise


As you may know or have guessed, Fraenck is a social enterprise. What does that really mean? We can tell you right now: a lot!

A social enterprise maintains a number of non-financial goals that a company will not normally pursue so explicitly. These goals are often in the area of (combating) climate change, a more inclusive society, labor participation - just to name a few.

Well-known companies that you could definitely classify as social enterprises are:

  • Fairphone. A modular smartphone with as few conflict minerals as possible.
  • Tony Chocolonely. On the way to slave-free chocolate!
  • Seepje. (Dish) detergents made from natural peels.
  • Happy Tosti. Lunch restaurant where people with disabilities work and learn.

These are if possible the best known Dutch social enterprises, but there are countless more, many of which can be seen on the website of Social Enterprise NL.

So it's not just about 'social' causes as the name might suggest. But also about social and 'industry changing' topics. Although you could also argue that climate change is also an issue that definitely affects social areas.

Another topic that plays a big role in "our kind" of companies is transparency. It's nice that you're trying to do something good with your company, but what exactly? And: what does that look like financially? What positive change is being brought about and can you demonstrate it?

What about at Fraenck?

On our site we have a page dedicated to this subject. So not just a nice story like on our story page, but mainly information about what we are doing, what change we are trying to bring about and in what way. We have come a long way, but there is definitely still a way to go! For example, we recently sharpened our Change Theories, which will then allow us to properly determine how best to measure our impact. This will be the next step we can take now.

Fraenck is trying to make an impact in several areas. Not only on a sustainable level, but also socially. And we are trying to raise awareness about these topics among both consumers and companies. Below is our theory of change on the first topic. If you are interested in the others -

Your welcome to have a look!