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The New Black - Fraenck

The New Black


Black Friday. A concept that contrasts with responsible products? Not in the way we look at it and deal with it.

When you think of Black Friday, images such as the one below may immediately come to mind. Masses of people storming through newly opened shop doors, trampling each other underfoot, completely enthralled by buying deals. Products they have not even really thought about whether they really need.

In many cases, the quality of these products is not the main concern. And not only that. The production of these items wastes natural resources unnecessarily and, worst of all, they are often made under poor working conditions. Everyone in the production chain works overtime to meet demand while margins come under pressure.

In short: Black Friday contributes to the manipulation of consumers and exploitation of producers and the natural resources of our planet.

Does Black Friday have to be like this? Is this what Fraenck wants to do?

No, of course not. "But then why are you participating?" We can hear you thinking out loud.

We want to use Black Friday to put a positive spin on consumer power. For us, it's a chance to give back to our supporters and usher in a gift season where everyone can give something back - to the makers, the planet and to your close friends and family.

When you buy a Fraenck item, you are supporting a concept that focuses on respecting our natural resources. Our collection is mainly made of upcycled materials. Plus you support the social goals we want to achieve with our brand:

All our bags are made together with people with a disadvantage on the labour market, who thus develop themselves step by step.

When you buy something from us, you get extra value in the form of a good feeling. After all, you are contributing to super good sustainable and social goals. That is the opposite of buying stressed-out items during the Black Friday madness!

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we want to contribute to the good in the world. We want to use the Black Friday hype to become more visible and to generate momentum. To create awareness, but of course also sales! The latter ensures that we can do much more good. Together with you.

Keep an eye on our social media and our blogs on the website. To help you, we will soon publish an extensive Ethical Shopping List, where you can find enough inspiration to make the Holidays a real celebration!

In the meantime, check out our shop from Friday the 23rd to Monday the 26th to take advantage of our 10% ethical discount and a free sustainable shopper! A symbolic gesture in which the thought counts.