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Waar moet je op letten bij het kopen van een mondkapje? - Fraenck

Waar moet je op letten bij het kopen van een mondkapje?


Since the introduction of compulsory face masks in public transport (as of 1 June 2020), there are so many suppliers of face masks that the choice is huge (but also complicated). We would like to help you make the right choice. According to BNN VARA , 67% of purchases are made online. This makes it extra difficult to assess whether a mouth mask is good, fits well and whether the provider can be trusted.

The provider

Whether it is a refrigerator or a face mask, you can briefly check the provider on a number of points, allowing you to make a good assessment of whether they are reliable.
  • Does the seller have a Trustpilot or Google reviews, or other reviews?
  • Is there a (web shop) quality mark?
  • Can you call the company if something has gone wrong?
  • Is there a clear FAQ, are there Terms and Conditions on the site?
  • Does it concern a Dutch provider, or is it a "conduit" where the products come from somewhere else?
  • Is the provider active on Facebook or Instagram? What does that look like?

These are all factors that determine whether the provider can be trusted. The more reliable the provider is, the greater the chance that your mask(s) will actually be sent and will be of decent quality!



A reusable mouth mask made of 100% cotton is best. Cotton has properties that are best suited for this type of product. Products you wear close to your skin. It is breathable and has the ability to absorb moisture well. In addition, cotton fibres are very strong and resistant to wear and tear.

Cotton can also withstand high temperatures. That is why you can even wash cotton at 90 degrees. Fortunately, 60 degrees is enough to kill any bacteria and viruses. And boiling wash (95 degrees) is not exactly energy-efficient - you don't want to do that too often!

Besides, cotton is soft on your skin, provided it has the right binding. It's nice when it's "tight" on your face!
We sell mouthguards in two types of material: cotton, but also in a polyester/elastane blend. The big advantage of this material is that it has stretch, making it 'one size fits most'. In addition, it absorbs much less moisture - good against bacteria etc. And that is why the mouthguard dries quickly after washing!

The fit

The fit is just as important as the material used. It is important that the mask fits well and that the air breathed in and out is filtered as well as possible. There should be no gaps or holes, because then all the air can just pass through them. The path of least resistance.

It is important, especially if you wear glasses, to have a nose strip. This strip can be formed around the nose so that the mask fits and closes properly. Dust masks without a nose strip do not fit well and have large gaps in that area. De Volkskranthas done a big mouthpiece test and described their findings in detail. They described what we already thought. We ourselves had expected that the pattern published by the RIVM would be better, but unfortunately the fit and functionality are far from it. We do understand why they have chosen this pattern: it is after all easy to make and requires little (sewing) knowledge. And something is better than nothing.


A mace mask that consists of two layers, between which you can put an extra (your own) filter, is highly recommended. If you are in places that are crowded, you want to protect yourself as much as possible. You can then replace this filter in between. According to research, a piece of kitchen roll is fine, but if you want to take it more seriously, there are also more serious filters available. We wrote an extensive blog about this topic. Bottom line: do not use HEPA filters, because they contain fibres you should not inhale!

Unfortunately, we see a lot of hoods that are too small. It looks nice on the photo (especially with a beautiful model wearing it). In reality, however, this does not work. The chin should no longer be visible, the mouth mask should fall (well) over your chin. A mouthguard that is too small may seem nicer or more comfortable, but is very awkward when you have to talk, for example, because it will not stay in place. After critical feedback of an proffesional dentist, we have decided to offer our face masks in two sizes. So that everyone can wear the right size. Every face is different, so a 'one size fits all' approach doesn't work. Certainly not if you want to wear a mouth mask that fits well.



The market is now slowly being flooded with disposable mouthguards. We think this is not the solution. You can only use these caps once, after which they end up in the waste. They are (often) not recyclable and are therefore simply burned. If you have to travel three days a week for work, for example, you are already talking about six mouthguards a week: that adds up! Reusable mouthguards are a bit more expensive to buy, but you will quickly recoup the cost when they are used intensively.

Knots, around the ear or elastic

There is a lot of choice when it comes to types of mouthguards. Elastic around your ears is painful after wearing them for a while. Especially if you wear glasses. For this reason, they have brought ear-savers on the market. We had to google ourselves when we got questions about it. This does take the pressure off your ears, but it doesn't remedy the fact that the mouth mask still doesn't fit your face properly. It also creates extra plastic waste, unless you buy one that has been printed with the right materials by, for example, a local 3D printer.
A mouth mask that you tie around your head also works well, only you have two cute little bows on your head. You have to love that.



Even though reusable face masks are not medical products, care must be taken in their use and maintenance. Every face mask is different. What do you need to pay attention to when you put it on? Can it be washed in the washing machine? How many degrees can you wash the mask at? Can it be washed at 60 degrees? At Fraenck, we are convinced that you should not sell a mouthguard without a proper manual.

We hopen dat je een stukje wijzer bent geworden op het gebied van (herbruikbare) mondkapjes. Wij bieden ze aan, maar zijn lang niet de enige. Mocht je nog vragen hebben over dit onderwerp, dan kan je met ons chatten, or whatsapp or you can send a  email! We answer messages and mails as soon as possible, Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:30. If we have any energy left in the evening, we like to use the chat sometimes too ;)