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Waar moet je op letten bij het kopen van een mondkapje? | Fraenck

29 May, 2020

Waar moet je op letten bij het kopen van een mondkapje?

Since the introduction of compulsory face masks in public transport (as of 1 June), there are so many suppliers of face masks that the choice is huge (but also complicated). We would like to help you make the right choice. According to BNN VARA, 67% of purchases are made online. This makes it extra difficult to
assess whether a mouth mask is good, fits well and whether the provider
can be trusted.

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Meer dan 1000 klanten | Fraenck

19 May, 2020

Over 1000 customers

How crazy life is. At the beginning of March, we were still wondering whether we would be able to pay the rent by the end of the month and whether we would have enough work for our team. The sales (of our bag collection) dropped drastically, from few to no customers on some days.

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Welk Filter is geschikt voor Mondkapjes? | Fraenck

14 May, 2020

Which filter is suitable for face masks?

A subject we have not yet delved deeply enough into is which filter is the best to put in between your mouth mask. We just received the question from a customer through the chat and thought: we can do some research on this! And it turns out: you can't just use any type of material!

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Corona Update | Fraenck

13 May, 2020

Corona Update

We thought: It's about time we told you briefly about the consequences for Fraenck. Below is a brief summary with some general information, and below that some more information about our latest product: the facemasks.

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Mondkapjes deel 2 | Fraenck

05 May, 2020

Face masks part 2

Of course we should listen carefully to what the government and the RIVM National Institute of Public Health and the Environment prescribe. At the same time, it is good not to put your common sense aside and be well informed. That's exactly what we did and that's when we came to the conclusion (about 4 weeks ago) that it is wise to wear a mouth mask.

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Fraenck ontwerpt mondkapjes | Fraenck

04 May, 2020

Fraenck designs facemasks

At Fraenck, we are social animals. We like to be with and among each other and we would like to give everyone a great workplace in our highly sustainable company. We are currently living in in strange times. Almost surreal. At Fraenck, we are also feeling the effects of the Coronavirus. We take our responsibility by keeping an appropriate distance - although normally we would rather not. However, that is not all. We like to make a virtue of necessity.

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Fraenck op RTL4! | Fraenck

04 Jan, 2020

Fraenck on RTL4!

RTL4 came to visit Fraenck in Arnhem. That doesn't happen every day. For the programme 'Koffietijd'/ '5 Uur Live', Mohammad and Pascal were interviewed by Froukje and questioned about our company. The focus was on Mo's personal story and the development he has gone through since living here in the Netherlands and working at Fraenck.

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Fraenck in 2019 | Fraenck

30 Dec, 2019

Fraenck in 2019

We all like to look ahead. That is where we are going. However, sometimes it is good to reflect on what has been. Now that 2019 is almost behind us and 2020 is just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to look back at all the beautiful, special and great moments we have experienced. In any case, we can say with certainty that it was a Fraencktastic year.

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