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Red Friday | Fraenck

25 Nov, 2019

Red Friday

In the Netherlands, we can no longer avoid it: Black Friday. This fairly new 'holiday' - which blew in from America - is also considered the start of the Christmas shopping season. By now, we in the Netherlands have been 'converted' and shopkeepers are spreading discounts massively. Fraenck has decided to do things differently.

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Fraenck & Vegan | Fraenck

19 Nov, 2019

Fraenck & Vegan

Vegan cafés and restaurants are springing up like mushrooms. The call to eat and use less animal products is growing. Although World Vegan Day was declared in 1994, it seems that this lifestyle has only really started to 'gain' in popularity in recent years. Fraenck also adheres to a vegan lifestyle; our items are all made of animal-free materials.

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Ratna en Pascal in NY | Fraenck

11 Jun, 2019

Ratna en Pascal in NY

We thought it would be fun to showcase our adventure in New York, and not just like that, but with a vlog! Not too much text, but a few short videos that give an impression of what we are experiencing.

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Fraenck & Upcycling | Fraenck

04 Jun, 2019

Fraenck & Upcycling

Upcycling. Say what? More and more companies are using this term nowadays. Not really surprising; upcycling does not only get more meaning on paper, but also in daily life. At Fraenck we are also guilty - in a good way - of upcycling. How? By working with upcycled materials. But before we start throwing around this definition any more, we would like to explain to you what we mean by upcycling and how we use it at Fraenck.

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NY Handbag Designer Awards | Fraenck

30 May, 2019

NY Handbag Designer Awards

One week a year, New York is all about fashion, fashion and oh, even more fashion. We are of course talking about the world-famous 'New York Fashion Week'. Designers from all over the world travel to the largest and most famous city in the United States to show off their new collections.

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Ontstaan van Fraenck | Fraenck

21 May, 2019

Origin of Fraenck

We all have dreams. Big and small. One dreams of travelling the world and the other of becoming a pop artist. Pascal and Ratna know a thing or two about dreams: they dream of breaking into the international fashion world with their bag label Fraenck. But before that happens, we look back at the history of Fraenck and give a glimpse into the lives of the two founders.

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Moederdag | Fraenck

09 May, 2019


Some find it a commercial affair, others look forward to it; we are talking about Mother's Day. Every year, the second Sunday in May is dedicated to mothers. Also at Fraenck we like to put mothers in the spotlight. Ratna - one of the founders of Fraenck - together with her mother and grandmother were interviewed about their bond and how her mother inspired her.

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