Manual Facemask (Separate Elastic Bands)

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First of all: the Fraenck Team wishes you all the best in these trying times! Thank you for your order.

Message for people who want to use this product in a workplace.

Ask your manager if this cap can be used! They are not FFP (1-3) certified. We developed them because of the large shortages of these mouth masks. We can therefore not guarantee that this cap offers sufficient protection, but we have carefully researched which types of mouth mask designs work and which materials may offer protection. In Asia and the Czech Republic, good results are achieved with reusable masks, here in the Netherlands they are (unfortunately) not yet very common.


We have written this manual with the utmost care, read it carefully!

The mask is supplied in a sealed plastic bag. You must wash this mask before first use:


  1. Remove the elastics from the cap. The cap can be washed at 60 degrees celsius , the elastic bands at 40.
  2. Wash them in a laundry bag (or zipped pillowcase).
  3. Let the cap and elastic bands dry in a clean place. Do not use again until it is dry.
  4. Wash the cap at least every day. The more intensively it is used, the more often it needs to be washed.
  5. The stainless steel strip that is inside can be removed, but that’s not necessary if you wash it regularly. It does not hurt to clean it separately every now and then as well with soap or disinfectant.


In the following steps, only touch the elastic bands, the little hooks and the edges of the mask!

Wash your hands before putting on the mask, or wear new protective gloves.

Long elastic band belongs above, short one below:

1. Attach the longer elastic band with hooks down to the top loops of the mask

2. Attach the shorter elastic band to 1 side of the mask, hook pointing downwards.

3. Grab the side of the cap by the loop and with your other hand the hook by the elastic band.

4. Place the mask under your chin, on your chest and wrap the elastic band around your neck and attach the hook to the loop. Pull the elastic firmly so you can see what you are doing.

5. Grab the top elastic band with both hands and place it around your head.

6. Push metal strip with both hands (top edge only) and shape it around your nose

7. Position the mask only by holding the ends of the mask (the edges). Make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin well.

Watch this short video from the WHO for a demonstration of the basics.


In the following steps, only touch the elastic bands, the hooks and the edges of the mask! It is best to wear protective gloves when taking off the mask, especially with intensive use.

  1. Grasp the top elastic with both hands and move it forward
  2. Grab one of the hooks of the bottom elastic band and unhook it.
  3. Put the mask in a closed (plastic) bag, touch the mask as little as possible
  4. Wash your hands well.
  5. Wash the cap according to chapter B and go through all the steps up to here.


  • Only touch the mask by the elastic bands and hooks, and if necessary the edges of the mask.
  • Wash the mask immediately or store it carefully (protected), do not leave it anywhere.
  • Use the mask as if it were a disposable mask. You just wash the mask right away – or store it safely (in a closed plastic bag), instead of throwing it away.
  • Do not use the mask for more than 4 hours at a time, or until the mask is damp or dirty. Then store it safely, or wash it right away.
  • With intensive (contact) use, the mask must be replaced more often for a clean version.


  1. Make sure that the mask fits your face as best as possible. If the elastic bands are too loose, try to tighten the connection by laying a knot on the end of the elastic band.
  2. Make sure that the stainless steel strip is properly bent around your nose. It is good if you notice that the cap is ‘sucked in’ when you breathe in.
  3. You can put an extra filter between the two fabric layers. The pattern for this can be found here. This can be: kitchen paper (1), or a HEPA filter in the form of a piece of vacuum cleaner bag (2). You should replace this filter every 4 hours after use, or more often – depending on the intensity of use.


  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Do not touch your face, the mask also (as little as possible)
  • Keep as much distance as possible from other people (1.5 meters), also with mask!
  • Avoid large groups of people as much as possible, even with a mask!
  • Keep a close eye on the RIVM website or your national health agency for the latest measures.


Like any product that is used intensively, this mask will also show wear over time. It may be that the elastic becomes weaker after wearing it 100 times. This can easily be solved by tying a knot at the end of the elastic bands. It is also possible to order new elastic bands.

We therefore recommend that you order 2 or more caps in case of daily intensive use, to ensure that you always have a dry cap (after washing) and have a backup.

We offer a discount of 50% for people who work in so-called ‘vital professions’! Send us a message. Minimum purchase is 2 pieces, to cover the shipping costs.

If you have any questions and / or comments, please let us know! Keep an eye on this page for updates.

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