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Mon-Sat, 9:00-17:30

Fraenck in 1m37s

Don't want to read? In this video we explain our process and our ethics. Also for corporations! Scroll down to figure out exactly how we get to work.

What's possible at Fraenck?

Promotional/employee/corporate Gifts 🎁

Beautiful and functional gifts that make you happy. Sustainably, inclusively and locally made. Gifts to give to your employees, but also to show your intrinsic values to the outside world. CSR and SROI are of paramount importance!

Production 🏭

No products without production. And what is better than locally produced items? At Fraenck we can handle all kinds of orders. It doesn't matter if it's about luxury, a few pieces, thousands of simple(r) items.

Design 🎨

We not only develop people within our company, but also kickass products. Our designers and craftsmen have years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and streamlining fashion items. Do you have no/ an idea?

Our clients

Below a selection of the beautiful companies and organizations we've worked for in the past.

Our previous projects

We're actually pretty proud of what we've done so far!