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Fraenck x Zoku

Fraenck x Zoku Hotel

Shopping bags from the courthouse

Award-winning hotel Zoku in Amsterdam was on the hunt for an original gift for their guests. After a short brainstorm we decided on shopping bags. Who doesn't need those?


For Zoku, their local connection is paramount. Because guests from all over the world book rooms and work in the beautiful hotel, an end product with a connection with Amsterdam had a strong preference. Buitink Technology, our partner for upcycled canvas, had just finished a project delivering the façade canvas for the temporary courthouse in, you guessed it, Amsterdam.


The bigger such a project, the more material ends up as cutting floor leftovers. Thanks to the large quantity of shopping bags we were able to save a large amount of this leftover material and give it a second chance!


Fraenck has designed and produced a large number (1400+) of bicycle bags made from recycled banners. In collaboration with Design X Ambacht.

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ASN Bank

For the sustainable bank of the Netherlands, we've done multiple projects, including laptop sleeves made from old flags

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Ignite Award

For this yearly competition we made several beautiful shoulder bags.

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Municipality of Zwolle

Shoppers made of cutting floor leftovers. Buitink manufactured a canopy for the bus terminal at Zwolle Central Station, we made use of the leftover material.

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Triodos Bank

Another cool project, for another sustainable bank. 1000 shopping bags, made from leftover cloth.

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