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Mon-Sat, 9:00-17:30

Sustainable & Inclusive Business Gifts

'Every year, companies in the Netherlands produce more than a billion kilos of industrial waste'.

Much of this waste consists of materials which, with a little insight, attention and effort, can be transformed into beautiful new products!

Fraenck recycles all kinds of waste materials into stylish, affordable business gifts. Tailor-made and according to your wishes. From our collection of recycled materials or materials that have become superfluous to your company. A shame not to give them a second chance.

B2B Lookbook

We have created a compact lookbook slash catalogue in which you can find various products that we can make from leftover materials. For inspiration; who knows, it might give you some ideas. We are ready to work these out together!



What kind of items can we make in our workshop? All kinds of things! Think for example of:

💛 Shoulder bags & Shoppers

💛 Backpacks & Bicycle bags

💛 Etuis, phonecovers & toiletbags

💛 (Table) lamps & Storage boxes

💛 And much more!

    CSR & SROI

    It 's time for a raw materials revolution! Why tap into new resources when there are plenty available? We would like to think along with you about how we can give your residual materials a second life. No material nearby? No problem, we have plenty in stock.

    This way, you can give something that is not only good for the environment and your surroundings, but also really functional and beautiful. Not just any product, but items with charisma. Produced locally and inclusive on Dutch soil. Read here how we work and what we stand for.

    Unique gift

    We make gifts that radiate the DNA and values of your company! Team Fraenck designs, produces and delivers them. Items with which you can make a good impression on your relations, clients, partners and colleagues. It doesn't just look good, the story is too.


    Get in touch with us! We are here for you.

    How do we proceed?

    There are several ways in which we can approach a project. Suppose you have leftover materials and want to make something beautiful out of them - we'll investigate the possibilities.

    The other way round is also possible
    : you have an idea for a product or a business gift - then we will find the most sustainable materials for it! The easiest way is to contact us and together we will see what is possible. (Hint: a lot)


    Contact us. We would like to hear what you are looking for!


    We work out a plan that clearly states the costs and the delivery times. Honest and reliable.


    Optionally, we can also make a very nice 'making-of' video in which we highlight the project. Very suitable to share with your network!