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Social Enterprise

Fraenck is a social enterprise. This means that we are not 'just' a company, but a company that pursues a number of non-financial goals. In our case, there are several.

Our mission statement is as follows:

"We are creating new opportunities for people and materials."

Through fashion and design, we offer growth opportunities to people and a second chance to discarded materials.

Our vision is the following:

Fraenck actively works for an inclusive and clean world. The opportunity for everyone to develop themselves. Social and sustainable business is the new standard.

And this is our strategy:

By means of work and learning programmes, we give people with fewer job opportunities a push in the right direction. We provide stability and, where possible, we help them on their way to paid employment. We produce sustainably by using as few new materials as possible and, on the contrary, by producing in abundance with residual streams from other companies.

Here is a summary:

    Fraenck is social: we offer as many learning-working places as possible to individuals who 'have a distance to the labour market'. They cannot find a regular job due to a disability or impediment, because for various reasons they are not (yet) ready for it. At Fraenck, they learn skills that will take them further.

    Fraenck is inclusive: everyone is welcome to work on themselves or with us. We stand for and believe 100% in equality and diversity.

    Fraenck works sustainably: we recycle and upcycle as many materials as possible. Fraenck makes products and uses residual materials as raw materials. For example, we recycle cut-off tarpaulin from our partner Buitink Technology and we use leftover synthetic leather from a Dutch manufacturer. We do not mention the name of the latter because it is competition-sensitive information.

    The above values are not the only ones; after all, we are also a BV (private limited company) and have to be able to make ends meet. In our statutes (see link below), we have imposed a profit limitation of 50%. This 50% will always flow back into the company Fraenck B.V. to support our mission and vision.

    Annual Impact Report 🙌

    We have finally finished our 2020 impact report! Below this one-pager is a link to the full annual report. Please feel free to share this one-pager and the annual report. 🙏

    Download pdf versie

    Full annual report 2020

    SDG's 👏

    What we are doing with Fraenck is in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals of the UN:

    Quality education

    We promote learning opportunities for adults. A person can learn throughout life. Fraenck accompanies people on the job to help them learn new skills.

    Fair work and economic growth

    Fraenck produces locally and offers work to local residents. We give them a stepping stone to work, which makes them more independent. We do not outsource work to low-wage countries.

    Reducing inequality

    We offer vulnerable individuals a chance to develop themselves, to better participate in the labour market. Fraenck is an inclusive workplace, where everyone is equal.

    Responsible production and consumption

    We produce responsibly by collecting residual materials from other companies, with which we then create a great collection! We spread awareness among our customers and buyers.

    Theory of change 🌊

    With Fraenck, we are doing our best to bring about some positive changes. Because this covers a number of different areas, we have created a separate Theory of Change for each topic. This is a tool to show what we are doing. And it helps us to get clear on what we can measure & what questions we need to ask to find out if we are succeeding. This is a work in progress, a living document! Check it out below:

    Theory of Change Sustainability ♻️

    Theory of Change Social Impact 💪

    Theory of Awareness 📣

    Thanks to Marieke Hart & Esther van Mourik for your help!

    Based on these theories of change, we have drawn up 'key indicators' derived from, among others, the excellent Impactpad. From these indicators we are now measuring the first impact! Impactpad. From these indicators we are now measuring the first impact! To be continued...

    Code Social Enterprises 🔖

    Fraenck has been admitted to the Register of the Social Enterprises Code! You can read exactly what that means here. In short: this shows that we act 'impact first'.

      Board of Advisors 🧠

      Fraenck has existed since March 29th, 2018. The enterprise is quite young still and as such, we're still learning a lot. For this reason, we've begun an Advisory Board, to, as you might guess, advice us. This board has the following (amazing) members:

      • Janine Tillema, former entrepreneur and business coach
      • Peter Hobbelen, social entrepreneur, Confed
      • Claudine Hermesdorf, lawyer, De Kempenaer
      • Wido Steeg, manager Siza
      • Robert Derksen, tax lawyer, De Zaak Meester

      The Advisory Board and the founders recently signed the following document in which the founders Ratna Ho and Pascal Mulder declare to not change the statutes without agreement from a majority of the Advisory Board. This safeguards the social and sustainable characteristics of Fraenck. This is an intermediary step; the next step is to, along with other sureties, define this in the statutes.

      Stakeholders 💡

      Below, we've mapped our stakeholders.

      In this document you can read more about our stakeholder dialogue.

      Figures and Documents 💵

      Compensation policy

      At Fraenck, we hold ourselves to a moderate compensation policy, ensuring employees don't earn exorbitantly and differences in compensation are small. The highest paid person at Fraenck earns 1.32x more than the least earning person (gross salary, including vacation pay).

      Fraenck follows the MITT CLA and pension fund.

      In this document, you can read more about out financial principles, on:

      • Payment to shareholders
      • Liquidation payment
      • Yields for sale of shares and finalization
      • Wage policy


      Fraenck was and is supported by several funds, because they support social and sustainable goals. We are ever grateful!


      • The Rabobank Foundation currently supports us with a loan of  €50.000.


      • The DOEN Foundation has helped us with a donation of €25.000
      • The Rabobank Foundation supported us with a donation of €12.000


      • The Rabobank Foundation supported us with a donation of  €60.000
      • The DOEN Foundation supported us with a donation of  €47.750
      • OostNL supported us with a sum of  €8.875 (Growth accelerator)

      Annual Accounts Fraenck:

        Our statutes/ foundational document:

        Changes to our statues will always be discussed with the Advisory Board, of which a majority has to agree before modification. To this end, a document has been drafted which formulates the proposed changes. Any modifications will also be discussed with every important stakeholder.


        Fraenck B.V. is owned by founders/directors Ratna Ho and Pascal Mulder, both shareholders of 50% with the respective holdings Rhoc B.V. and Casparan B.V.

        See the foundational documents and annual accounts below.

        Rhoc B.V.

        Casparan B.V.

        If you want to get more information or think this page misses some, we would be grateful to hear from you! Send an email to

        We will update this page as regularly as possible with pertinent information and documents.