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Team Fraenck

Team Fraenck is ready for you. Would you like to be part of the team, do you have a question or maybe a good recipe for a tasty dish? Golden household tips are also welcome. Send us a message!

Our current team 💪

These people are currently working at Fraenck. It is quite a job to keep this page up-to-date, but we do our best!


Studio + Admin

Els is our jacky-of-all-trades. She knows everything about the workshop, from patterns and stitching to precise prototypes. And is also very busy with the administration! Big heart, even bigger task package.


Studio+  Shop

Mo can always be found behind the sewing machine. And when he is not, he is cutting patterns like a raging Roeland. In the break, he enjoys making himself familiar with the Dutch language.



Ratna is also a 'Jacky-of-all-trades', on an organisational & creative level. The perfect cross between a workhorse and a luxury horse. Small lady, big ambitions. Don't let that charming smile fool you!



A man with humour. The sun shines when he walks in. Talented, funny and an all round great person to have around!



Pascal still does not know what he wants to become. In the meantime, he has thrown himself wholeheartedly into Fraenck, where he is the number one rule-breaker. He would rather be lazy than tired, although often both are the case. But that doesn't stop him.


Studio + Shop

Sabina is one of our most loyal colleagues. If she is not there for one day, it is a lot less fun. There is little she can't do and doesn't do. From watering plants and pricing products to stitching linings. You name it, Sabina does it.



Our sunshine in the house. Learning the Dutch language with us & we learn the language of positivity from him every day. And we still have a way to go. A day without Eyad is a day wasted.



Tiuu is a busy bee. Not easily satisfied with the result, just like us. Besides Fraenck, she also works as a volunteer at an animal shelter. So if you are still looking for a faithful companion, send her a message!



Tom loves Netflix. And Netflix loves Tom. When Tom is not watching Netflix, he is cutting and choking the stars from the sky with us. He also likes to sing along with Nicki Minaj.



Christiaan is another man-of-all-trades. Artist in heart and soul and perhaps even more organs. Drinks coffee like it's water, but still has a steady hand. Which is very handy when cutting patterns and taking photographs!



Since the summer was a long time coming, we have brought another sunshine into the house. Where Eyad and Mohammed work together, the clouds disappear! This jack-of-all-trades helps us at the workshop where he can learn Dutch (and occasionally gives Pascal (who has a healthy dose of fear of heights) a hand).


Super Intern

Nick is an old friend of ours, it seems like we can't get rid of him! And we don't want to. Easy going, usually quiet, unless a subject is brought up that touches him. Then he never stops talking.

Hall of Fame 💚

These wonderful people no longer work at Fraenck. But we would still like to put them in the spotlight for the good times we had together!



A serious man with serious goals. He was the owner of a shoe factory in Syria. He joined us to learn the language, after which he would like to start his own business here in the Netherlands!



Abdou is unique. Knows what to do and knows his way around the studio. Lots of potential, big smile. Good head with hair too. You can't go wrong with Abdou.


Fotos + Website

Few are as critical as Jacq. She takes care of the shop's product photos. If she is not photographing or photoshopping, she is gaming (LoL 4 Life). Sometimes she takes her dog Stitch along, but not often enough as far as we are concerned.



Originally a shoemaker, he has now thrown himself into making bags at Fraenck. If you hear a sewing machine revving away somewhere, chances are he's making some noise. Let his hands do the talking.



As small as she is, she has so much potential (we've seen that before). Always working hard with a laser focus - she lives up to it!



This cheerful young man was still missing from our team (but not any more). Another hard worker. Has knowledge of DTP, knows his way around Photoshop. The photos we put in the shop from now on have largely received Fikrat's attention.


Emotional Support

Our trainee Stitch will do anything for a stroke and a cuddle. Not feeling well? Don't worry, Stitch is there to tell you that you are a wonderful person and that you are loved.


Super Intern

Books will still be written about Ben. Or he may write one himself, we are sure of that. Quiet strength, with emphasis on strength. Great designer in the making. All the way from France!


Super Intern

Chanel is really a hard worker. The first day it already felt as if she had been working here for months (and we mean that in a positive way). Every day you can find her with a big smile behind the sewing machine.


Super Intern

Cheerful, hard-working, and very camera shy ;)! Daphne is a great addition to the Fraenck team. She takes on everything and learns very quickly. In short, we are very happy with her! And Daphne, we are going to make a better photo again!


Super Intern

Reyhan loves fashion. And fashion from Reyhan. A silent force to be reckoned with! Helps us with our social media, do you notice??


Super Intern

Jetta's graphic insight makes the colours pop! Always ready for a good conversation, which usually never ends. Sometimes a bit chaotic, but hey - that's also nice sometimes.


Super Intern

We needed just this powergirl. This hard worker makes sure that the necessary research is done! Besides bags, she also loves to travel. Especially to her favourite destination Paris, France (or as we call it: Fraenckrijk).