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Mon-Sat, 9:00-17:30

Working method / overview

At Fraenck, we can do anything with fabrics. Whether it is the thickest leather or sailcloth, or the softest silk - we can make something beautiful out of it. Of course always with our sustainable & social values in mind.

We've got the following opportunities, all with a dedicated page! Click on the links and learn more about our working methods and options! :)

1. (Promotional, employee and corporate) gifts 🎁

This is what we love to do. producing gifts that make you happy. Made sustainably, inclusively and locally. Gifts to give to your own employees, but also to spread your values to the outside world. CSR and SROI are of paramount importance. Check out the page to see what projects we've tackled in the past.

2. Production 🏭

No products without production. And what's better than local production? Production where employees learn new skills and make progress? At Fraenck we can handle all kinds of productions. No matter whether you are looking for a few luxury items or thousands of simple items - our delivery is quick and reliable. You can count on us.

3. White label 👕

As an extension of the above, we can also handle white label production. Do you have your own label or brand and do you want to outsource the production of your cool items? You can do that with us! We can support both the design and the implementation.

4. Development 💭

We don't only develop people in our company, but also products. For example, we have an extensive consumer collection. Our designers and craftsmen have years of experience in conceiving, developing and streamlining fashion items. Do you have an idea, but don't know exactly how or what? Does it need to be worked out technically, or do you just need the finishing touches? Contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

5. (Sustainability) Advice ♻️

Fraenck has been around for a number of years now and can therefore provide other companies with good advice on product development, production and sustainability. For example, how can you make your collection as sustainable as possible? Or, how to give your discarded banners, flags and other promotional material a useful second life? Or do you want to investigate how you can strategically take your CSR and SROI to the next level? Our network consists of producers, designers & makers in just about every industry. So, do you have an question? We would like to think along with you.

6. Coaching 🤝

Because we have been running our business for a while now, we think we have enough experience to give advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs. What pitfalls can you encounter (we have enough experience with those), what should you pay attention to? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.