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  2. What are the legal grounds for the use of your information?
  3. Which personal information does Fraenck process?
  4. For what reason does Fraenck need your information?
  5. How long does Fraenck store your information?
  6. How does Fraenck protect your information?
  7. Sharing your information with other parties.
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Fraenck B.V.
Beekstraat 30, 6811 DW Arnhem, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 26 844 0451
CoC: 71316191


In accordance to the privacy legislation, we must state what “legal grounds” we have for using your information. Fraenck needs information from you because of the contractual agreements between you and Fraenck, such as your purchase of one of our products or your right to a warranty.

In addition, we would like to use your information for our own “legitimate” interest. Which means that we want to provide our customers with the most optimal and personal service. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

We also have a legal obligation to use your information, in case we suspect things such as fraud. In some cases you have given us permission to use your information, such as when you have registered for the newsletter. We keep this information safe.


Fraenck may process your personal information because of services you would like to use with Fraenck, or because you have filled out your contact information via our website. All personal information is stored in a secure database, and it stays there too. We do not sell or pass on your personal information to any third parties for commercial purposes. Promise! We do need your information in order to make sure that your purchases go as smoothly as possible.

Fraenck would like to know the following about you :

First and Last name

So we know who we are talking to, this comes in handy!


Because we and our shipping companies like top make sure your package arrives at the correct address.

Phone Number

We will gladly contact you about your order. If something is unclear, we know how to reach you. We also call afterwards sometimes to make sure everything with your purchase is to your satisfaction.

E-mail address

By giving us your email, you will be able to receive information about your order, and an invoice for the products that you ordered with us. You are also free to email us your opinion and we will give you a timely response. Offers and newsletters are also sent by e-mail, as long as you have given us permission to send you these. Would you rather not receive newsletters and offers? Unsubscribing is easy, you can do this on your own account page, via or through the link at the bottom of the newsletter itself.

IP Address

In our store, we can recognise you by looking at you. On the internet, we look at your IP address. With this address we can easily remember your preferences and give you appropriate advice and service. By remembering your IP address, we immediately ensure that no one else uses your personal account.

Payment Details

To pay your order, we use the secure payment provider, Mollie. When you pay with PayPal or bank transfer, your data is stored in our records with a link back to your payment order. Furthermore we only use your bank account when you are receiving money back from us due to a refund. In this case you will be notified.

When you pay by credit card, we will send your credit card information from our secure site directly to Mollie. They facilitate all our credit card payments, and we are not able to see your credit card details. Mollie only tells us if your payment was successful or not.



Website usage

General information is kept on the Fraenck website, including the IP addresses of your computer, the time of extraction and data that the browser sends. This data is used for our analysis of visits and clicks on our website. Fraenck uses this information to improve the functioning of the website and if we can offer you a better shopping experience.

Creating an Account

When you make a purchase through Fraenck, you register all information with us that is necessary to complete your order. This saves us both time. In addition, we can also register the details of your previous orders and thus help you more quickly next time.

Subscribe to the Newsletter and / or request information

In order to join our newsletter, we will need your first name and email address. Our newsletter is there so you can stay up to date on our latest developments and we can make you happy with fun activities and promotions.

Contacting Customer Service

We need information from you so our customer service knows who you are and can help you in the best way possible. If there is something wrong with your order, we may also contact you. To make our service a little better every day, we may take notes of conversations with you under your name so that you don’t have to tell your story twice.


Fraenck does not store your personal data for longer than is legally permitted and is necessary for the purpose in which your data is processed.

Customer accounts that are inactive will be deleted, after that period, we use your data only anonymously for internal reports.

  • For tax purposes, we must keep our records with your invoices, payment and order information for 7 years. Then we only use anonymous data for internal reports. You should also keep the invoices from your purchases for your own use, for example, until your warranty expires.
  • If your product is repaired or replaced by Fraenck, we keep your contact information for 7 years. Afterwards, we use your data but only anonymously for internal reports.
  • If you have registered for our newsletter, we will keep you registered with your permission for 5 years. If you decide at some point that you no longer want to receive the newsletter, we will withdraw your information. We do not keep emails that you receive from us longer than 60 days, so you don’t have to worry that you will receive the same email from us. After this period, we will only use your information anonymously for our internal reports.
  • Information that we use to prevent fraud, will be kept for a longer period of time. Not for fun, but out of necessity.


Fraenck takes the protection of your information seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised modification. The Fraenck website uses reliable SSL Certification to ensure that your personal data does not fall in the wrong hands.

Where we store your data in different databases, we always apply strict measures. We make sure to store data within the European Union. In the unlikely event that customer information is transferred to countries outside of the European Union, we ensure that your privacy remains protected in an appropriate way. This is officially established within a number of countries. A number of American parties have registered
established under the Privacy Shield that offers sufficient protection.

If you feel that your information is not properly protected, if there is evidence of abuse or if you want more information about the security of personal information collected by Fraenck, please contact us.


Fraenck will only provide your personal data to third parties if this is necessary for the implementation of an agreement made with you, or to simply comply with a legal obligation. We work with the following parties:

  • Mollie
  • PostNL
  • MailChimp
  • Google (Analytics)
  • Facebook
  • Hotjar

Fraenck uses Google Analytics to track how users use the site and how effective the Fraenck Ads are on the Google search pages. The information that is obtained, including the IP Address from your computer, is transferred and stored by Google on their servers in the United States. Read the Google privacy policy page for more information. Here you can also find the Google Analytics Privacy Policy. Google uses this information to track down how our website is used to provide reports on our website and to offer its advertisers information about the effectiveness of campaigns. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if Google is legally required or where such third parties process information on Google’s behalf. Fraenck has no influence in these situations. Fraenck has not given Google any permission to use analytic information obtained via Fraenck for other Google services.

When you check us out on Facebook, visit our online store, or order anything from us, we remember what products you are looking for. This helps us with more useful ads that we place on Facebook and Instagram.

MailChimp is the party that sends out Fraenck newsletters. Here we store your name and email address, but only if you have indicated that you would like to be receiving our newsletter.

Hotjar is a tool that shows us how our website is used by our (potential) customers. All data is scrambled and anonymised.


You have the right to correct, delete or request your personal information. You can send a request for the inspection, correction or removal at Fraenck will respond as soon as possible, within one week of your request. In addition, you also hold the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA).

This privacy policy may be changed by Fraenck, in case new developments arise and/ or are deemed necessary.

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