WORKSHOP #2Model: Shoulderbag Alex





During this workshop you’ll make your own shoulderbag Alex. With the unique finish of a real Fraenck, but in your chosen colours! You can even choose the colour of the lining and inner pocket. Patterns are already here, just pick a colour and start learning to make it! Team Fraenck will advise you on which materials are suitable and which colours are available.

At the end of the day you’ll go home with your handmade Alex!


This workshop makes a great gift. We can send you a Workshop Giftcard. A digital one you can email, or print yourself, or a physical giftcard you can give or send by mail. Let us know which one you’re interested in at!


This workshop is perfectly suited for participants who have little to no experience with sewing. Perfect for a day out, an experience with friends, bachelor(ette) party or teambuilding!

In our studio we use professional and industrial sewing machines, connected to a compressor. Machinery you need to get the hang of first. After instructions and a demonstration by our team, it’s  your turn. We’re here to help, but in the end you’re going to make the item of your choosing all by yourself.


The only base materials we work with are recycled ones. This way you can be assured no extra litter or pollution will be caused by this workshop!


To make sure everyone has a great time, there’s a max of 6 persons per workshop that can participate. If you want to join us with a larger group, let us know and we’ll figure something out.


  • introduction, coffee + tea
  • tour of the company
  • patterns explained
  • choose your materials!
  • cutting
  • introduction of the machines
  • practice with sewing
  • watch and learn from each other
  • break
  • making the real deal


For whom? Everyone with little to no experience

When? To be arranged (mo.-sa.)

What time? To be arranged. The workshop takes about 3 hours.

Fee: €59,- p.p. incl. VAT

Including: Materials and hardware. Delicious coffee, tea and cookies too. Want a lunch as well? It’s not included in the price, but we can organise something for a little extra.


Recycled materials


To be arranged. Gift? Let us know how you want to receive your gift card.

Extra information

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Gender: Men, Women
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