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Stool seat Muhan


MUHAN is a seat for a stool. Made from upcycled vegan leather.

This stool seat makes sitting just a little bit more pleasant and comfortable! Great to sit on for any job around the house or just a stool seat for your child.

Useful information at a glance

  • Diameter : 47 cm
  • Height: 5 cm
  • Handy opening
  • Suitable for stool with a diameter of 32 cm
  • Easy to attach to stool legs with a tube circumference of 6 cm

Easy to maintain

MUHAN is very easy to maintain! Stains and dirt can be removed in no time at all with a damp cloth.

In every industry there are cutting losses, also in the furniture industry. Therefore, we are happy to produce this stool seat from material remnants for you.

Good story 🌈

This item is a real conversation piece! You are not only sitting on something beautiful, it is a product with a great story.


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