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Facemask Elvy


ELVY is a washable/reusable mouthguard made of 100% cotton. The inside of the mouthguard can differ from the picture, especially with prints. We use a matching colour on the inside. We do this to ensure that the thickness of the cap is optimal.

Useful info at a glance

  • Available in two sizes: Small & Medium. See the difference below.
  • This face mask has elastic bands that go around your ears. You can adjust these to the right length with a knot.
  • Double layer of fabric filters the air you breathe in and out to a certain extent.
  • An extra filter can be placed between the layers of fabric, such as kitchen paper for extra protection. This is not included. The pattern can be found in our online manual.
  • A strip of sturdy stainless steel allows the cap to be formed well around your nose.

Please note: this item isn't eligible for promotions.

Small or medium?

See measurements below. Distance from your chin to the tip of your nose. Not sure? Then take a medium.

Four different types of mouthguards

  • MAI: A simple face mask in one colour. One size fits all. Affordable option!
  • FAY: A face mask without a nose strip. In two sizes. With a thin elastic fabric, pleasantly fitting to the skin. With elastic bands that go around the ears.
  • VELMA: Face mask with elastics that go around your head. The mask is comfortable to wear for long periods. Fits well to your face.
  • ELVY: Elastic bands that go around your ears. This type is easy to put on and take off. The mask is less tight on the face.

Looking for large(er) quantities? That is possible. Check this page here.

Extra information

  • Dimensions: 25 × 35 cm. (HxW)
  • Material: Cotton

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