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Pouf Mika


MIKA is a small pouffe, handmade in Arnhem. Made of upcycled vegan leather. You can fill it yourself with your own textile or order it pre-filled. Our filling consists of high quality leftover polyether flakes.

This pouffe is not only ideal for your cat or small dog but also for you! Lovely to sit on in front of the TV or when you are having dinner at your coffee table.

MIKA is available in different colors of vegan leather and there is even a limited edition version in velour (with marble print)!

Useful info in a row

  • Diameter: 47 cm
  • Height: 13 cm
  • Handy opening with a zip
  • Easy to fill
  • Determine the hardness of the pouffe
  • Ideal for cats & small dogs.
  • Also suitable for humans!

Easy maintenance

MIKA is very easy to maintain! Stains and cat and dog hair can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

Own filling(in)

A zip at the bottom makes it easy to get the filling in and out. We all have old t-shirts, blankets or coats lying around in our closets. These are all ideal materials to fill the pouffe! By stuffing the pouf yourself, you can control the hardness and firmness. The fuller you fill it, the harder it will be. If you or your four-legged friend prefer a soft pouffe, just put less stuffing in it. ;)


Don't have any old clothes or just don't feel like fussing? No problem, we can also send you a stuffed pouffe. The extra inner cover is made of leftover fabric and the filling of leftover high-quality polyether flakes. We fill the pouffe with an average amount of flakes. This ensures a moderately hard pouf.

Do you want a soft or a harder pouf? Please let us know, so we can adjust the filling accordingly. You can indicate this at the check-out.


In every industry there is cutting loss, also in the furniture industry. Polyether flakes are finely cut particles of polyether foam. When the large blocks of polyether foam are cut to size, there are always leftover pieces. These are then shredded.

Good story 🌈

This item is a real conversation piece! You are not only sitting on something beautiful, it is a product with a good story.

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