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Team Fraenck is at your service. Do you want to join the team, or do you have a question or want to share a glorious recipe for an irresistible vegan dish?

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elsbeth aan werk



Els is our versatile studio rockstar. Knows everything there is to know about patterns, sewing and prototyping. On top of that she makes sure our admin makes sense and is up-to-date. Big heart, even bigger to-do list. Indispensable.



Mo you can always find behind a sewing machine. And if that's not the case, he's cutting patterns like a madman. During breaks he loves to challenge himself and learn more about the Dutch language.



Ratna is another versatile lady, both on management and creativity. The perfect crossbreed between a working- and a luxury horse. Little lady, big ambitions. Don't be fooled by her charming smile!



Pascal is still figuring our what he wants to be when he grows up. In the meantime he has dedicated himself to Fraenck, where he takes care of everything at the same time. Loves to be lazy at times, but that doesn't stop him getting things done!



There aren't many people as precise as Jacq. She is responsible for our product photos. When she's not making photos or busy rocking Photoshop, she loves to game (LoL 4 Life). Sometimes brings her friend Stitch with her. Not often enough though.



Sabina is one of our most loyal colleagues. If she's not present, the day is not as bright and pleasant! There isn't much she can't do. Watering plants, making hangtags, even sewing linings. You name it, Sabina does it. With grace.



Our little ray of sunshine. A student of the Dutch language & we're all students of positivity around him. And we still have a long way to go. A day without Eyad is a somber one.



Tiuu is one busy bee. Not easily impressed or satisfied, just like us. Sews bags like her life depends on it (it doesn't, but she's a go-getter). Also works at an animal shelter. So if you're looking for a new friend, let us know!
Mahmoud website foto



Used to be a great shoemaker, has been converted to a great bagmaker at Fraenck. When you here a sewing machine revving, chances are Mahmoud is the one responsible for that glorious sound. Let's his hands and feet do the talking.
tom website foto



Tom loves Netflix. And Netflix loves Tom. If he's not watching Netflix, he cuts patterns and sews like it's no ones business. Also loves to sing along to Nicki Minaj (among others).
christiaan website



Christiaan is another versatile gentle man. A true artist from head to toe. Drinks coffee like water, yet still has a steady hand. Which comes in handy when you cut patterns and hold a camera.
chanel aan werk


Super Intern

Chanel is one hard working lady. From the first day it felt like she has been working with us for months. You can find her behind a sewing- or locking machine, holding a big smile. Also works on our super secret projects (involving a lot of handwork)!
daphne website foto


Super Intern

Cheerful, hard working and a touch of camera shy. Daphne is a keeper. She takes on every challenge and is a quick learner, so you can imagine we're very glad to have her. We'll work on a photo that does her justice ;)


Super Research Intern

This powergirl is just what we needed. This bright lady makes sure the necessary research gets done! Loves bags, but loves travelling maybe even more. Her favourite destination is Paris, the couture capitol of the world!


Office / Photo

This cheerful young man is a great addition to the team. Another workhorse. Knows DTP, know Photoshop, knows how to get things done beautifully. Almost every photo on our shop have gotten his attention. Speaks Dutch quite well, but loves to have a conversation to improve his skills.



The summer took wayy to long to arrive. That's why we brought another ray of sunshine in our studio. When Eyad and Mohammed work together, the clouds disperse. This jack-of-all-trades works on everything he can get his hands on and loves to learn the Dutch language. Also helps Pascal when the heights get to him.
stitch at fraenck


Emotional support

By far our most loyal intern. Stays put, unless Jacqueline starts moving around. Feeling a little bit down? No worries, Stich will be there to tell you that you're a beautiful individual and that you're loved.