Our Ethical Gift Guide for Him and Her

In need of tips on what to give?
7 december 2018

Are you as excited as we are for the Christmas time, but are a bit stressed out because you haven’t found your Christmas Gifts yet? No worries, we got you covered.

Whether you have no or a high budget. Keep reading and you will find our very well selected list of ethical gift recommendations, with an idea for everyone.

⭐ Watch out for the recommendations marked by this star. You can find the related products in our store ‘’FRAENCK&FRIENDS’’, in case you are living in Arnhem or are up for a little city trip. Come say hi and check the products out yourself! ⭐





You have a friend who already got it all, is very difficult to be given gifts to, but cares about our planet? We got you covered. By purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet, you will get this cool bracelet, while removing 1 pound of trash from our oceans and coastlines.


⭐Shiny Stuff⭐

Looking for something with a less serious cause? Something that simply is super funny and cute? Look at all the amazing jewellery from Shiny Stuff. All the products are handmade and created in the Netherlands. Available at our offline store.


⭐Naomi Rachel Timan⭐

We have Naomi Rachel Timan high on our list of fantastic gift recommendations. She is also a designer upcycling left over materials, just as us! She creates purses which are all of real leather, while being upcycled out of old chairs, sofas or leather jackets. The results of her work are incredibly stylish.



Well, who would we be if we would forget to include ourselves in our Ethical Gift Guide. We at Fraenck stand for the high quality of the products we produce, as well as its ethical production. Go check out our Instagram and web page to find the perfect matching shoulder bag or backpack for your beloved ones.


Tinlid hat company

‘’With every hat purchased a tree is planted.’’ and their timeless hat designs amazing. Check them out.



You are looking for something within a higher price category, a luxury accessory for your loved ones? How about an ethical watch from Nordgreen? Their concept goes hand in hand with the concept of this Gift Guide. They promise to give back through their three NGO partnerships, with three great causes: providing clean water, educate the future and protect the rainforest. Go to their website to learn more.





We present to you the classiest and probably most sustainable version of socks with funny, happy prints: Qnoop. In their socks, the makers bring together their passion for aesthetics, design and sustainability.



What could be more useful than some high-quality basic apparel pieces which also give back to our society and planet? We highly recommend the brand RHUMAA which is a brand with a real passion for sustainable fashion in combination to impactful art. Every time a purchase is made, they donate back to the projects, people and art which are supported by their very own founded foundation. They are amazing! Go check them out!



Can’t go wrong with some basic t-shirts and tops. An especially cool concept is provided by NOOBOO, focusing on sustainable, basic t-shirt and top production. Making use to a great extend of bamboo in the apparel and organic cotton, the fabric is super sustainable. Bamboo is probably the most sustainable product to use in the fashion industry at the moment, seen that it is a crop crowing super fast, while using only little amount of water. NOOBOO focuses on sustainability along the entire supply chain.


Girlfriend Collective

Your perfect gift for your favourite gym buddy, who runs the world? Girlfriend Collective offers amazing work out wear, made of recycled materials.




If you are looking for a hot present, definitely go check out the lingerie brand Underprotection. They are organic, recycled and use eco-friendly fabrics. But just look at how gorgeous their lingerie designs are.


Extra tip from fraenck:

Super ethical way of getting some great apparel pieces is by buying things at the second-hand store of your choice. If you are in Arnhem you can check out Fabrics & More or Appel&Ei, which are both just around the corner from our own store.




⭐The soap shop⭐

Check out The Soap Shop for fresh, luxurious, handmade soap made with natural ingredients. It contains no SLS and no parabens. But what is convincing to us is its amazing smell, as well as its beautiful look. Definitely adding some extra luxury to the bathroom.



⭐Sara rosalie⭐

Always a useful present in winter: some lip balm. We can advise the lip balm from SARA ROSALIE. We already fell in love with this simple, of 100% natural ingredients. So much, that you can also find it in our store.



Some super luxurious product in mind? We can recommend to you MIILD a danish, ethical, triple certified makeup brand.



Fiilit, Parfum du Voyage (translation: travel perfume), will take your senses to faraway paradises. While also being ethically sourced, this perfume is a great gift for Christmas. A super smart offer they make is a ‘’Discovery Gift Box’’ or a perfume sample set to try out more than one of their perfumes.


Home accessories



‘’From Waste to Wonderful’’ this is the theme with which RESCUED!  captured our attention. Seen that there are many waste materials, which simply seem too useful or beautiful to be thrown away. They create all kinds of home accessories which are real eye-catchers. From candle jars made out of old prickle jars to plant pots or minimalistic lampshades made out of recycled paper, you can find a great deal of stunning home accessories.


⭐Arnhems keramiek Atelier⭐

Also, working with the concept of upcycling is Arnhems Keramiek Atelier. Using leftovers from the pottery industry, they create beautiful cups, bowls, etc. Go check them out.


Sackcloth and ashes

One of our favourite companies for home accessories are for sure Sackclothes and Ashes. If you don’t know them yet you will definitely have to go check them out on Instagram. Their feed is simply amazing, same as the products they sell. Their concept is perfectly in line with the spirit of Christmas. When purchasing one of their blankets, they will donate one blanket to a homeless shelter. Go check them out on Instagram or on their website.


⭐Marvin corneille⭐

Another great idea for home accessories? Some art of course. We love the designs from Marvin Corneille. Come to our store to check some of his pieces out. He has a great variety of products. From plates, to painting, to figures. Famous for working over older designs with his funny illustrations. You can also find him on Instagram @marvincorneille or on his website.




House of marley

What is better than having great quality new headphones for Christmas? Barely nothing. But we can top it. Check out ‘’House of Marley’’ and you will find headphones which are not only of great quality, but also are produced in an environmentally friendly way. And on top of all of this, part of the revenue will go to charities.



How about a stylish, sustainably made, reusable drink bottle? Check out Retulp, for a minimalistic and stylish design.



Something, everyone needs: protection for their beloved smartphone. Ever think of how much plastic waste is generated by all these plastic phone cases? Go to their website and get a durable, fashionable, eco-friendly version.


Extra tip from fraenck:

Maybe sounding a bit contradictory in winter, but did you ever think of gifting someone a plant for Christmas? We love plants. With all the dark, cold and rainy atmosphere out there, it can be soothing to have some tropical plants inside, helping us to endure the cold by staying in and dreaming away to tropical paradises. This picture is from IKEA, they have quite a wide variety of nice plants to decorate with.





‘’Essential: Essays by the Minimalists’’

A book by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. From simple living, decluttering, and finances, to passion, health, and relationships, ESSENTIAL is for anyone who desires a more intentional life.


⭐‘’This is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle’’⭐

Do you know someone who would you like to live a bit more consciously, but doesn’t know how? And rather not put much time, money or effort into it? Then this is the book by Marieke Eyskoot is the perfect match.


‘’Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear’’

This is a book by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the bestseller ‘’Eat Pray Love’’. To inspire us to believe in ourselves, she “shows us how to tackle what we most love and face down what we most fear.”




Great Fair Trade and or organic products, such as chocolate (like from Tony Chocolonely), some special tea collections (e.g. from Clippers), coffee or maybe some ethical spirits?


Check out the ethical wine and spirit brand ‘’FAIR’’, producing wine and spirits with the moto ‘’Think Human Drink Fair’’. Go find them on their website.



Bakkerij Tom Van otterloo & BAKKERIJ VAN EIGEN DEEG

And in connection to the next category ‘’Quality Time’’, how about grabbing some tasty bread or other pastries at the bakery Tom van Otterloo, in case that you live in Arnhem? They aim at making their baking process as sustainable as possible, embracing the implementation of circular economy approaches. Read more about their concept on their website and go visit them in case you are in Arnhem. We’re also big fans of Bakkerij van Eigen Deeg!


quality time

Under here you find a little list of ideas on things you can do with your beloved ones, gifting them your time and memories to remember instead of a physical present.


  • Concert
  • Tickets for museum of your choice
  • No plans for New Year’s yet? Gift your loved once a ticket for a great party to go to
  • Go to the movies
  • Invitation for Dinner
  • Go Ice Skating together
  • Make dinner or some delicious Christmas cookies together
  • Any other creative project you would like to do with that special someone. That could be
    anything from crafting some home decoration, to spice up your or the special person’s bike,
    to making your own home furniture. Spending time together and creating something fun
    always creates good memories.
  • Gift the coverage of classes you want to go to together with your special someone. Classes
    could be photography classes, dance classes, cooking classes
  • Time away together. A little day trip to that little romantic town you always wanted to go
    to? Or a hike through nature, as for example the Veluwe Park?

Write it down on a Christmas card and then find a day to write it down in your calendars. Make sure you make the promises for quality time reality.

Let us know if you have tips that we can feature!