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Let's Be Fraenck

Make Waste Great Again

Lightweight, yet durable. Water-repellent and easy to keep clean. Various shapes, colours and sizes – we have something for everyone and suited for every occasion.

We work with recycled materials, and are quite proud of that. We believe in the limitless possibilities of the remnants of production and turn it into a well-made and outspoken collection.

Fraenck & upcycled
The Fraenck collection is made from residual waste from a sailmaker. We combine these technical materials with vegan leather scraps and leftovers. Whereas these materials ended up in the waste bin before, they now get a second chance at life and being useful!
Fraenck & social
We believe in an inclusive world in which everyone can and may participate. That's why we have our bags made by people with a distance to the labor market. Together we work on a sustainable collection, which we are extremely proud of.
Fraenck & local
Fraenck is manufactured in-house. This does not only enable us to keep an eye on the circumstances under which our collection sees the light of day, but also ensures that the craftsmanship of making bags is not lost.
Fraenck & vegan
Leather, fur and wool were important raw materials for clothing and accessories for many years. But not with us. Fashion and animal suffering do not go together at all, which is why we make our bags exclusively from genuine imitation leather.

The encounter

Fraenck is a concept started by two designers, Ho & Mulder. In 2007, they met each other at the Art Academy in Arnhem, where Ratna Ho was studying Fashion Design and Pascal Mulder Product Design. From the first time they Ho and Mulder shared a passion for design. Not much later they created a collection that focuses on sustainable, social and animal friendly production.


Great developments

Last year (2018) Fraenck offered 11 ambitious individuals a work placement within the company. Here they’re learning important skills that bring them closer to the labor market. Three of these go-getters have already found paid work. We’re very excited about that! Take a look at this page to meet Team Fraenck.


Recycling? Upcycling!

In 2018 together with Fraenck’s customers, 455 kilos of scrap sailcloth and synthetic leather were given a second chance at being useful. With your help, this number can surely increase!

You don’t just acquire a designer bag, you’re also upcycling materials and give people the opportunity at developing themselves within our social enterprise. Sounds like a fair deal to us.


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The first label

At the end of 2013, Ho&Mulder started fashion label Ratna Ho. Their first collection was enthusiastically received during Amsterdam Fashion Week and was soon followed by the opening of their own concept store. They not only sold the collections of Studio Mulder and Ratna Ho, but also presented the work of other local designers. Complemented with a harmonic collection of bags and accessories, made from industrial scrap materials.


Collection of bags

The handmade bag collection, produced in-house, proved to be a big hit and was presented at various trade fairs.

Our latest lookbooks: Essential / Minimal

The collection can be found in more than twenty stores both within the Netherlands and abroad, see our points of sale. Are you a shop owner and are you interested in working with us?


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fraenck&friends 01

Fraenck&Friends Conceptstore

In 2017, Ho&Mulder opened a new concept store in the city centre of Arnhem. A creative hotspot with a unique vibe. Here you can’t only find Fraenck items, but also sustainable work from other local designers. In-store you will find the atelier, a photo studio and a small coffee corner. A lovely place for a cappuccino and a good book. We’d love to show you around!

Find us here.


Team Fraenck

Oh boy, we are so proud of our team. Every day they’re more than ready to work on the collection and themselves. With every bag that sees the light of day, they make the world a better place.

Do you live near Arnhem and are you looking to gain experience in a nice and welcoming atmosphere? Whether you’re young, old, good or bad at karaoke, you’re welcome. Send us a message at contact@fraenck.com and introduce yourself!


Over Ho&Mulder

Ho started studying Fashion Design at ArtEZ Arnhem when she was 17. After graduating in 2009 she continued learning and acquired her Masters at Central St. Martins under famed Louise Wilson.

After getting his A-levels Mulder lost his heart at everything concerning design. His adventure started at Delft University as an aspiring industrial designer. Eventually he chose a more creative direction and graduated a product designer at ArtEZ Arnhem.

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Fraenck owes a lot to partner Rabobank Foundation. Their vision:

“Everyone wanting to grow should get the chance to do so. Fostering self-reliance is an effective way of providing help to those in need.” 

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Fraenck owes a lot to partner Stichting Doen. Their vision:

“Stichting DOEN finances initiatives by people who dare to take risks bringing their pioneering ideas to life and inspire others in doing so.” 

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